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Art Association NURT

Art association NURT is an independent, non-profit NGO created by Ukrainian artists in 2011.

Since 2011 Art Association NURT organized more than thirty events including festivals, exhibitions, lectures, concerts, workshops, performances, and creative meetings with acclaimed European artists. Since 2012 we regularly organized events in the field of experimental electroacoustic music and sound art. Among them, the international festival of audiovisual art TETRAMATYKA (2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2021), the festival of electroacoustic music VOX ELECTRONICA (2012–2020), and the ensemble of contemporary music ConstantY (2011–2015).

Since February 21, 2022, Art Association NURT also started various volunteer initiatives with the main goal to help Ukrainian artists who joined Ukrainian Army. In July–October 2022 we realized the “Reactivation” project focused on creating possibilities for the artistic and educational development of displaced students of art institutions and young artists.



2020, Lviv

Partners: EESEM Studio of Lviv Music Academy, Department of current artistic practices of Lviv National Academy of Arts, University of Lower Silesia, Studio for Electroacoustic Music of Kyiv Music Academy, Studio for Electroacoustic Music of Krakow Academy of Music, Ukrainian Association of Electroacoustic Music, digitIZMir Festival 

Festival of electroacoustic music VOX ELECTRONICA is an annual event that presents a cross-section of modern trends in electroacoustic music. The aim of the festival is to create a unique environment for the exchange of experience between Ukrainian and international composers, performers, and artists working in electroacoustic music or audiovisual arts. Due to the pandemic in 2020, the main focus of the festival was moved to open-air educational activities (workshops on field recording, etc.) and online events (online lectures and concerts). The festival was implemented with the support of the Lviv City Council. 

Concert on the attic I (featuring Solomia Moroz, Roman Feshchak, Alisa Li, Ostap Manulyak)


Concert on the attic II (featuring Alla Zagaykevych, Yana Shliabanska, Krzysztof Gawlas, Anton Stuk, Dariusz Mazurowski, Mehmet Can Özer)


Serhiy Horobets and ∿ und̷e̷l̷ě̷t̷e̷d̷ (Yurko Bulka), Wave-Particle Stimulus


TETRAMATYKA 2021, “Technology and sensitiveness”

12 September – 17 October 2021, Lviv

Partners: Lem Station, Center for Urban History of East Central Europe, RadioGarage, Lviv—UNESCO City of Literature, EESEM Studio of Lviv Music Academy, Department of current artistic practices of Lviv National Academy of Arts, Studio for Electroacoustic Music of Krakow Academy of Music, Polish Institute, French Institute, Austrian Program of Academic of exchanges OeAD, AudioArt Festival, City of Krakow 

TETRAMATYKA is an event that focuses on multimedia and interactive art. The festival was founded in 2013 as a small chamber art event and grew up to become an international festival with a vast program. Audio and audiovisual performances are a very important part of every edition of the festival. The 2021 edition included a separate part dedicated to sound with workshops, exhibitions, and concerts/performances. Among others, the legendary sound performance Speaker Swinging by Gordon Monahan (CA) was presented as part of “Solaris. A series of performances dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Stanislaw Lem” https://youtu.be/dV4g86x_eLo 

Other performances:

MOON2 (Denis Kolokol, Ernest Ogorek, Jakub Rutkowski)


Voices of the Cosmos (Rafał Iwański, Wojciech Zięba, Sebastian Soberski)


Piotr Madej, Golem 2021

Artur Lis, Homos Anthropos or the terrible Paleface


TETRAMATYKA 2021 was implemented with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and the Lviv City Council.



20 July – 10 October 2022, Lviv

The multidisciplinary art and educational project “Reactivation” included workshops dedicated to various problematics of sound and audio and an exhibition of multimedia artworks featuring sound installations. The “Reactivation” project took place within the framework of #ZMINA_2_0 which is a subgrant program of the IZOLYATSIA foundation with the financial support of the European Union. 


Funded by the Stabilisation Fund for Culture and Education of the German Federal Foreign Office and the Goethe-Institut. goethe.de

Project team: Les Vynogradov, Albert Saprykin, Mariia Tytova, Polina Horodyska, Daria Vdovina, Dmytro Babenko, Olha Sauh