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24 лютого, 2022 - Facebook

Our country is under attack

Our country is under attack.

The victory is ours, no doubt about that.

The thing that concerns us is the price we might pay.

The price we might pay for the courage of being independent.

Price for standing strong on the values of the civilized world.

Price for overthrowing the authoritarian Russia-backed governments two times in 10 years.

Price for building a democratic country from ruins we've inherited from being part of the Soviet Union.

Heck, the very fact that Kyiv Contemporary Music Days started back in 2015 and is going on till this day is there thanks to the rise of civil society that started after the revolution of dignity in 2014.

You know us, you probably met us, you probably are aware of our values. Values of humanism, transparency, democracy, free will, freedom of expression, freedom of choice. All that jazz.

Exactly THIS is at stake.

The soldiers of our country will do everything needed to push him back. We will fight till the end. Our freedom is at stake.

But please, if you see a possibility to support us—either by pushing your government towards supporting us, or helping financially to Ukrainian volunteer organizations, or just being vocal about what is going on—there is no time to think twice.

If you need some info on what is going on in Ukraine, please use verified media.

If you would like to support financially the NGO that helps our army (as our citizens did: Ukrainians raised 6M EUR in one day) please do it here: www.savelife.in.ua 

Please check other options to support us here: www.uacrisis.org/en/help-ukraine


What else you can do to support Ukraine:

This account is multi-currency, it can be used to transfer both hryvnias and US dollars, euros, British pounds.


Feel free to double check this information and then donate.

Yours truly,

With love,

the KCMD team




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