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Iryna Tukova

Iryna Tukova, Ph.D., Dr. Habil, is an associate professor at the Music Theory Department of the National Music Academy of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine).

Her research interest includes the history of Ukrainian contemporary art music, the history of music theory, compositional techniques in contemporary art music, and the problematics of the interaction of natural science and art music. Iryna Tukova is the author of more than 40 articles and a monograph. She has presented her research at musicological conferences in Ukraine, Germany, and Lithuania, and lectured on contemporary Ukrainian art music at Ljubljana Academy of Music (Slovenia). 

Iryna Tukova took part in the organizing committee of many international musicologist conferences and symposiums in Kyiv. She was an editor and co-editor of numerous collections of articles.

After the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia, she stayed in Ukraine and continued her work as a teacher and musicologist. With Lidia Melnyk and Anna Gadetska, she organized the Statement from the musicological community of Ukraine to musicians, musicologists, cultural institutions, and public organizations around the world.


Composition Techniques: Art Practice and Theoretical Reflection

International conference, National Music Academy of Ukraine, Kyiv, 2021

The international conference focused on composition techniques in contemporary and early art music, with a special focus on papers in which composers described the composing process. The event included a presentation of “Pandemic Media Space,” an international project of algorithmic music and media art.

The conference featured musicologists and composers from Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, and Belarus. 

Ukrainian Historical Musicology: Early Music Heritage (11th – 18th centuries)

Seminar, National Music Academy of Ukraine, Kyiv, 2018

The seminar which gathered scholars from Ukraine and Poland was Ukraine’s first dialogue between historians who study musical culture and musicologists. The event provided an opportunity to present new findings regarding ancient music to a wide range of professional musicians, and to implement the methods of both historical science and musicology in the interpretation and textual analysis of newly discovered artifacts.

Art Music in the 21st Century: Antiqua+Nova 

International symposium, National Music Academy of Ukraine, Kyiv, 2018

The symposium was dedicated to the anniversary of prominent Ukrainian musicologist, Professor Nina Gerasymova-Persydska, Ph.D. The topic proposed for discussion was related to Prof. Gerasymova-Persydska’s research in recent years, namely: which phenomena in art music of any period are relevant today and why. That is, why certain performance styles dominate, and what new approaches to understanding old and new music can be proposed. The questions were considered not only from the standpoint of theory and history of music, and cultural studies, but also performance, listening reception, etc. 

Funded by the Stabilisation Fund for Culture and Education of the German Federal Foreign Office and the Goethe-Institut.

Project team: Les Vynogradov, Albert Saprykin, Mariia Tytova, Polina Horodyska, Daria Vdovina, Dmytro Babenko, Olha Sauh