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Svyatoslav Lunyov

Svyatoslav Lunyov was born on April 19, 1964 in Kyiv, Ukraine. In 1988, aged twenty-four, Lunyov was admitted to Kyiv State Conservatory and started his education in composition. He continued there with his post-graduate studies from 1998–2001. Since 2000, Lunyov is a lecturer at the Department of Composition, Instrumentation, and Music Information Technologies of Kyiv Conservatory.

In recent years, Lunyov has explored writing electroacoustic, symphonic, and ensemble works. He also works on stage genres and music for films. His works are performed in concert halls as well as in art galleries, open-air happenings, and other informal stages.

Selected works

PROCESS for Piano and Symphony Orchestra (1992)

Performed by Kyiv Symphony Orchestra, conductor: Viktor Zdorenko, piano: Oksana Rapita

2002, National Philharmonic of Ukraine, Kyiv


TUTTI for Symphony Orchestra (2005)

Performed by the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, conductor: Volodymyr Sirenko

1 October 2005, National Philharmonic of Ukraine, Kyiv


PANTA RHEI, utopia for big symphony orchestra (2008)

Performed by the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, conductor: Volodymyr Sirenko

2008, National Philharmonic of Ukraine, Kyiv



Lunyov is the recipient of the Levko Revutskyi (1997), Borys Liatoshynskyi (2007), and Mykhailo Verykivskyi (2017) Prizes of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

In 2017 his musical open-air performance Witness, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Babyn Yar tragedy, received the Bronze Cannes Lion at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

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