The educational and concert platform for new music Kyiv Contemporary Music Days together with Festival DME (Dias de Música Electroacústica) are announcing the 4th International Masterclasses for composers. It will be held in Lisbon, Portugal on June 12-16, 2018. 

Composition tutors that are invited: Hans Tutschku (Germany) and Jaime Reis (Portugal), who will give group and individual lessons to the students. 
Composers João Pedro Oliveira, Carlos Caires, Dimitris Andrikopoulos and António Sousa Dias will also give workshops.

Musicians that are invited to perform and give workshops: Nina Janssen-Deinzer (clarinet, Germany), Yuri Matsuzaki (flute, Japan-Germany), Junya Makino (violin, Japan-Switzerland), Milosz Drogowski (cello, Poland).

Composers regardless of age and residence are welcome to apply.

Each selected participant will receive:

Lessons with composers Hans Tutschku and Jaime Reis
Workshops by musicians Nina Janssen-Deinzer, Yuri Matsuzaki, Junya Makino, Milosz Drogowski
Workshops with João Pedro Oliveira, Carlos Caires, Dimitris Andrikopoulos and António Sousa Dias.
• An opportunity to compose a new work for solo instrument. This work will be rehearsed with musicians and performed at the final concert of the masterclasses on June 16th, 2018. The available instruments are: flute, clarinet in B, violin or cello.
• All members of the master classes will have an opportunity to attend all the concerts of the KCMD festival which will be held at the same time (June 11-22, 2018).

The tuition fee for active students is EUR 300 for international participants and EUR 200 for participants from Portugal.
The tuition fee for passive students is EUR 100.

We also provide several grants with fee waivers and passive membership. In order to apply for a grant, please include a motivation letter in your submission.
Each participant is responsible for her or his travel expenses and accommodation in Lisbon.
To apply, please fill in the form.

Deadline for application is May 10th, 2018
The selection results will be announced no later than on May 15th, 2018

If you have any questions, feel free to forward them to